Lash ME Policy

1. Cancellation/Rescheduling

  • We understand that emergencies do occur but please do understand that you are holding  a spot for 1 hour. Because of this, it is important that you honor and value our time as well. Cancellation/ rescheduling must take before 24 hours prior to the appointment. Last minute cancellation will cause a cancellation fee of $40
  • NO SHOWS: will be billed the full amount of the scheduled service and will automatically be put on our waiting list for the next appointment. Please be responsible for your appointment and understand our cancellation policy. 

2. Refunds All services are non-refundable. Although it is extremely rare but allergic or irritant reactions may occur. In this case, removal of lash extensions due to the following reasons, we will perform the removal at no cost to the client. Otherwise, no refunds will be given.

3. Groupons 

All of the prices shown on groupons can be directly matched at Lash ME and paid through us. If you already purchased from groupon this policy will apply.

  •  Same day cancellation will not be accepted. It will be you who will need to get a refund back for the voucher you have purchased. Please Please... You are hold up a 1 hour of our time please be considerate. 
  • If you have purchased the 2weeks option from groupon,the refill must be used within the 14 days period or there will be no credit given and our standard full refill price  will be charged. 
  • The 2 weeks complimentary refills should be made at the time you get  your first set so that you reserve the spot without any conflict, otherwise, we cannot guarantee the spot will be open for you to come in that time frame. 

4. Payments/ Gratuity

  • There will be a 7% service charge if payments are made with a credit card. To avoid such fee, please either bring cash or consider payment on Venmo app. 
  • All services performed under the discounted price has it's original value. Please consider that our technicians work hard and provide the same type of services regardless of the offered price. When satisfied with our service, we would appreciated a 20% from the original price.